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Divine Healing Artist: Christina Meriah Lucia

I am a joy-filled visionary artist and leader here to shift perceptions and ignite others to open to the vibration of love through inspiration, intuition, and creativity.

To elevate consciousness and create a bridge for humanity to welcome the new paradigm of oneness, peace, and harmony.

I create paintings of light and connect the viewer to the mysteries of the Universe in landscapes, water scenes, and in my visions of the spiritual realm.

My work is a glimpse of the radiant energy I witness in nature, and in my visions, and dreams.

I believe that there is a pulsating energy field around us. This energy is the substance of love that permeates everything and everyone, including me. I connect to this love energy and transfer it onto my canvas in color, shape, and form.

I use radiant pastel colors to express the beauty I see in the natural and spiritual world. I paint with white and yellow pigment because they give off the highest vibration of light for healing. The colorful pastel palette juxtaposing the darker blue and purple colors, is for me and the viewer to experience the healing effects of the vibration of light.

I create art as a way to soothe the heart and elevate consciousness. I can sense a divine essence creating the images on my canvas and I feel healing taking place.

My work as an intuitive, spiritual coach, and Sound Vibrational Practitioner also inspires my creativity and has made me the healing visionary artist I am today.

Painting light and visions of the spiritual world brings me peace and helps me to connect to something greater than myself. There is no greater honor than to allow the awareness of the divine to shine forth on my canvas.